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Friday, May 26, 2006

ride loud

ride loud
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the ride across borders ride was good - we didn't ride to the border. at our pace it would have taken a month. :-) the number of bikes seemed smaller this year and the ride was short and death march slow. we rode up to 6th st. to a party. the DJ was great. nice latin? south american? brazilian? i dunno vibe. nice. there weren't as many cargo bikes. and no tall bikes. no chopper bikes. sadness. but it was a good little ride into town. we saw whit out pedicabbing and making his mad tips. nick # 3 (i've lost count) led out a bunch for a longer ride once we got to the party. but i missed that boat. i had been drinking since 3:30 -- so decided to pack it in.

i put hokey spokes on the xtracycle front wheel. it was mesmerizing.

here's come pics from the ride.

lite ride

1. bikes across borders ride, 2. we were a sorta large and very slow group, 3. 3 good mens, 4. hokey spoke lights!, 5. lighting your bike on fire is sweet, 6. g blasts through the vortex, 7. the accordion player, 8. red pedaling home
you can see them all on flickr here


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