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Sunday, August 06, 2006

10 trackstars in a fountain

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here's a couple pics from pete's "im moving and going to law school" checkpoint race on friday. results: 1st. little john. 2nd. patrick. 3rd. PJ. (ryan took the podium photo - he has a few more from the race if you click on that foto) all the top 10 that came in were 45min and under, i think. fuckinfast riders.

i had another mind melt staring at the manifest full of numbers and street names and east and west. i followed nick to the manifest pickup, then to the first checkpoint and tried to stay with him - but of course, he zipped away. this is after he had a collison with another racer 3 seconds after the start on congress. nick, i didn't like watching you & your bike bounce around the road like that. i do already believe you are bouncy. :-) but, nick jumped up and was back on the bike and came in 4th i think. didn't seem to slow him down, although he was riding with a untrue wheel.

so after really trying hard to concentrate and tell myself: "gah megan you suck figure this shit out!" - i headed over to the finish and took pictures of the last checkpoint. im sorry i didn't get everyone coming through. i left early to ride to s. austin and watch a movie. thanks to pete for putting it on. everyone looked happy and was having a good time. good luck in law school. and nick is ok - just sore.


people get ready: pete's

10 trackstars in a fountain


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