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Monday, February 12, 2007

austin bikes alleycat race

Feb. 9, friday nite, 5:30pm was rolling around -- i was still at the computer trying to get something done that obviously was not going to happen due to low brain function at that time of day. so packed up to head over to sol's shop for the party and alleycat race send off. i had no real intentions of racing. cold. dark. sure enough, as these things tend to happen, i get there and the crowd of folks are gathered and ready to race. i see friends i haven't seen in a while. kate walks up and says lets race together. she and her man mo are recent transplants from NYC and still learning her way around. mel rides up - sol drops the manifest from the top of the roof - we huddle around each other trying to make sense of a semi-coherent route and we are off.

our semi-coherent route worked ok, until we backtracked in the middle of the race to pick up a checkpoint we figured we'd just cross off. our plan was to get as many as we could until kate couldn't feel her toes anymore. she had mesh bike shoes on. but, to prove our worth we headed over to kealing to nab that one and took a wrong turn, making our backtracking even longer. no worries. we had a great time.

it was fun riding with the girls. i think we were the only 3 to race. felt good to dart though 6pm friday nite traffic and get the blood moving.

thanks to sol, eric & ben at austin bikes for a good race. go pay them a visit at the shop. guadalupe & MLK on the west side. you'll be happy you did.

fotos up.

yes we are at the damn bridge. :-) towards the end we were having problems finding what we were supposed to according to the manifest. so we took pictures for proof.

yes we are at the damn bridge

nick won 2nd (yeah nick!) and got the bars. whitney tries them out. first place was his until he got the cramp coming up MLK to the finish. nick already has titanium calves...

whitney checks out bars

afterwards we headed over to dog and duck for after race nourishment: beer. this fire cone of a heater was cranked to high. you'd never know it though.

nick in shadows

this photo is blurry because i'm cold and shakey. not drunk here. ben got 3rd place and won a white pair of sunglasses. he should not be seen wearing those around a children's playground prolly. they rock.

not drunk just cold and shakey


Blogger bluecolnago said...

me thinks you guys have too much fun down there in texas.....

peace out, yo!

2/13/2007 06:55:00 AM  
Blogger cyclingdave said...

looks like a way cool scene. keep it alive.


2/13/2007 09:39:00 AM  

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