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Saturday, November 08, 2008

riding bikes in NYC


where the living is good

ok, i'll say a bit more. it was amazing. i was up on the 3rd floor of my friends brownstone they stay at and tired as hell from the best 5 days in NYC ever. we were settling in from watching election results at his mom's brownstone a block over. we stayed as long as we could and it seemed like it all wrapped up. 20min after we got back, it was called and the streets erupted. folks were driving and honking, people were on the streets clapping and yelling. i was looking out the ginormous 20ft window onto the street and across the way. folks were standing in their windows and waving and throwing firecrackers. there was a huge rally a couple blocks away. the news said bill clinton was there as well.

i stood a the window for a while, relishing the feeling and smiling like a kid in a candy store. we are here. finally. and to be in NYC to experience it was the best. among all the celebration outside, i fell asleep with a huge grin on my face and in anticipation of waking up tomorrow. a new day. a new president (elect). a resounding change in the election vote map. and a few more hours in NYC before i flew back to texas.

NYC was inspiring. i was there for a design conference. and also got to spend some time visiting my friends. we rode bikes all over.

ezra sits down

i took the subway. i walked back and forth across times square, from 32nd to 53rd, many times. we saw and cheered on the NYC marathoners at mile 20. and yah, many of them brought me to tears. i wasn't the only one! that was amazing to see. double amputees, folks in the wheelchairs where they "run" it with their arms cranking, blind folks assisted by others, old folks, so many international people. there were a few folks that had TEXAS written on their shirts. so i yelled out: 'remember the alamo! yah texas!'

back in austin, and the bike stuff to do continues to pile up! doesn't seem to be a moment when there isn't some kind of bike thing going on. o what fun it is to ride a bike.

i had to hit the ground running on my return. work and we are moving. to a little tiny house on the east side off MLK and Chestnut. i can't wait to get over there. we have a back yard and a nice workshop shed we fixed up and a carport porch. yeah little and yeah having less stuff. and yeah photos.

i ate a delicious korean lunch on 32nd.

carsonified design conference NYC

i got to meet and cuddle with my "other" dog who happens to live in NYC.

yes it's true


and this dog putney is an expert frisbee player and jumper. we are at grant's tomb here.

ezra has not been fooling us with photoshop

and i got to visit and stay with my dear friend ezra of fast boy cycles. he is kicking cancer's ass properly. and showed no sign of slowing up on bike rides. :-)

heading back from the bridge to jersey


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sounds like a good time! woohoo!

11/12/2008 06:55:00 AM  

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