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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

devil approved ride

the 666 ride was good. i mean evil. there were prolly 40ish people at the ped bridge. the nut handed out spoke cards and little paper cups - after a toast of something tasty we were off. it was a follow the devil ride (although i think he was dressed as a choir boy) and we ended up riding about 2 hrs. we hit the hike and bike trail a few times and with the no front light devil may care rule, it was comical and treacherous at the same time.

whit came out on his just put together black twist frame. lovely shiny creation. my pictures dont do it justice. i'm sure he'll have some up later on.

we hit downtown and tried to convert the wayward to the dark side. we mocked the people of earth and rode our bikes. and avoided buses.

thanks to all that came out and thanks to the nut for leading us. it was a fun ride. any news on how the alleycat race went? post up.

here's a few pics.

o happy day

the devil came out for the 666 ride

condo riding

kris is a real man


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