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Thursday, June 15, 2006

full moon ride report and photos

FIRST: tonite (THURSDAY) is Bike-in Movie nite of MASH and PEDAL. 2 movies i've been wanting to see. come out. it's third thursday too - so lots will be going on at Guadalupe. bring a pillow and kick back. time and info here.

i bumped into nick riding down to the ped bridge and when we crossed lamar and heard the drums and saw all the people, we had a bill & ted moment: kick ass. my dumb laminator machine broke half way into making the spoke cards. they were really more like ride memento cards. anyway: so i crafted the rest with tinfoil. it was kinda silly, but appropriate.

whitney was there directing the bikers and drum circle participants. i think the drum circle thing is a full moon event too. now we just needed some fire dancers. and witches. i handed out all the beers i brought and finally we rallied and set out into the nite. i think there were around 75 folks. it was good. real good.

highlights of the ride:
  • cyclocrossing that big tube thing coming off the ped bridge onto 1st street.
  • getting applauded as we rode down 6th street by people at bars. alcohol is a wonderful thing.
  • taking our first re-group stop and promptly having a cop pull in and start saying lots of words
  • eluding the cop starsky & hutch style by riding out the back way. or pretending not to hear him
  • someone yelling out, 'dim your lights' as we rode away through the backstreets of the neighborhood
  • a very kind lady offering our big group water when we stopped in front of her house while scott was fixing his bike. then she started handing out water bottles as we rode by. so nice.
  • someone yelling from a car that we were lance armstrong (u mean like all of us?)
  • whit doing an awesome job of route leader and especially the unplanned part through the neighborhood after the police encounter
  • riding on the eastside by the cemeteries on a full moon nite
  • picking up a police escort on 6th street for bout 4 blocks
  • having that same police escort show us how his shiney lights go round and round when he wants to pull us over and lecture us bout stuff
  • riding back up to the ped bridge and chillin out with friends after a good ride

thanks to all that came out for the ride. your really nice. here's some photos.

hope to see u tonite.


Anonymous Timmy said...

Excellent ride report. Wish I'd been able to make it!

6/15/2006 12:33:00 PM  

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